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Can anyone suggest a sunscreen product that is non-greasy, light weight and doesn't have a strong odour. I can usually smell the sunscreen ingredient in moisturizers and this turns me off -- and starts me sneezing. I haven't been wearing sunscreen for this reason; large hats don't give enough protection and I'm beginning to notice brown spots.
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Try Academie moisturising lightening fluid SPF 12.
Thanks Freddy. Is it readily available -- like Shoppers Drug Mart?
No, it's a specialized line. You'll find it readily on the net though.
I like Devita SPF 30. It's a mineral sunscreen, meaning it doesn't contain any of the chemicals like avobenzone that are likely to cause irritation. It has Zinc Oxide and is micronized so that it doesn't leave a white film. It is aloe based and has shea butter to moisturize. You might find it a little too moist if you have extremely oily skin, but it absorbs after about 15 minutes and then you can apply any makeup. You can google it and find places that sell it online. It's not available in stores that I know of, but you could try Whole Foods or Trader Joe's.

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