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This list is by no means comprehensive, but it's a starting place for DIYers. In addition to skin care supplies, there are some suppliers for packaging, containers, crafts and a couple photographers (for product display).


Agbanga Karite
Aquarius Aroma Soap
Atlantic Spice Co.
Aroma Haven/Rustic Escentuals
Austrade Inc.

Backwoods Fragrance Supply
Bear Laboratories, Inc.
Bittercreek North
Bittercreek South
Blossom Farm
Bottles and More
Bulk Actives

C and B Supplies – Canadian
Candlechem Company
Candle Cocoon
Candles and Supplies
Candles & Woodcrafts
Canwax - Canadian
Chase Holding Company
Cheeptrims - Ribbons and Trims
Chemessence, Inc.
The Chemistry Store
Coastal Scents
Columbus Foods
Container & Packaging Supply - Containers
Cotton Blossom Crafts
Craft Molds Plus
Craftin' Crates
Cranberry Lane - Canadian
Creekside Soaps - Molds and Cutters
Crest Valley Meats – Emu, Simon Caleb 805-227-6200 PLANT OR 805-286-7533 CELL
Crockett's Honey

Dabney Rose Distiller
Day-Star Candle and Soap Supply
Desert Whale Jojoba Company

Eco-Friendly Market
E D Luce – Bottles
Eden Botanicals
Elements Bath and Body
eSupply Store - Shipping Supplies
Emporium Naturals
Essential Oil University
Essential Wholesale

Florida Soap Supplies
For Crafts Sake
From Nature With Love
Full Moon Herbs

Garden of Wisdom
Garden State Naturals
GlerupRevere Packaging
Glorybee Foods, Inc.
Good Scents Company

Houston Candle Supply

Indiana Candle Supply
International Fragrance and Technology, Inc.
Island Artisan Supply - Canadian
It's My Nature

Jedwards International Co
JKM Ribbon & Trims - Ribbon
Jody's Soap and Things
Just Scents

Kangaroo Blue
Kosmetech – Containers
Koster Keunen

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Land of Milk & Honey - Emu
Lavender Lane
Leafa Bamboo Fiber Products
Liberty Natural
Lightning Labels
Lone Star Candle Supply, Inc.
Loose Ends Creative Living - Handmade Paper, Unusual Botanicals, Unique Packaging
Lynden House - Canadian

Majestic Mountain Sage
Making Cosmetics
Mar International Trading Corp. – Baskets
Midwest Bottles
Monterey Bay Spice Company
Moon Glow Candle & Body Supplies
Moonworks Apothecary
Mountain Rose Herbs

Natural Oils International
Nature’s Bouquet
Nature's Gift
Natures Garden Candle
Net Bottle
New Directions Aromatics
NHR Organic Essential Oils - UK

Of A Simple Nature - UK
Oils By Nature
Old Will Knott’s Scales
Oldtimer & Lily
Olive Tree Soaps
One Stop Candle
Online Labels
Oregon Trails Soaps
Oshun - Canadian

Packaging Price - Boxes, Containers and Shipping Supplies
Paper Mart - Organza Bags and Ribbons
Parkway Plastics - Containers
Peak Candle Supply
Pegboard Media and Photography
Pine Meadows
Pure Bulk


Rainbow Meadow
Rebecca Picard Photography

S. Walter Packaging Corp. - Interesting Packaging
San Francisco Herb Co
Save On Scents
Scenter Stage
Select Shades
SFIC Corporation
Shay and Company
Shea Radiance
Silicone Soap Molds - Silicone Molds
SKS Bottle - Containers
Swans Candles & Candle Making Supplies
Skin Actives
Snowdrift Farm
Soap & More - Canadian
Soap Crafters Co.
Soap Saloon
Soap Scope
Soap Supplies
Soapies Supplies - Canadian
Soapmaker Program
Southeast Texas Honey Co. - Beeswax and Honey
Southern Garden Scents (Tony’s Fragrance Oils)
Southern Soapers
Stakich Inc. - Beeswax and Honey
Starwest Botanicals
Starville Soap & Candle Supplies
Stony Mountain Botanicals
SunRose Aromatics
Suppliers By State
Supplies by Star
Sweet Cakes
Sydney Essential Oil Co - Australian

Texas Natural Supply
The Box Depot - Interesting Packaging, Vinyl Spa Type Bags
The Conservatorie
The Herbarie
The Personal Formulator
The Scent Shack - Symphony Scents
The Scent Works
The Soap Jar
The Whitmeyer Company
TKB Trading - Colorants
To Die For Soap
Tracpack – Packing Supplies
Tradewinds Fragrance

Upland Molds

Wholesale Supplies Plus

Yankee Containers

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Hi! I'm new to the forum. I wanted to ask you where do you personally buy your butters and oils? And are there any particular reasons you buy from them? Also, which of those are your favorite suppliers overall?

I'm taking up DIY'ing as a hobby for 2010. Specifically, I'm looking into learning how to mix butters and oils, making lotions, and making serums.

Thanks for forming this list!

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Hi Cotton,
It really depends on what I'm looking for at the time of purchase. If I'm buying in bulk, I'll research the suppliers to see who has the best deal, since prices fluctuate. I also buy in bulk through coops (but the timing of coops and when I need them may not coincide). For example, the coop may buy drums of oil and the coop buyers purchase anywhere from a lb on up. I will say that often times the coops purchase through some of the suppliers listed above. They are all reputable.

I usually am looking for unrefined butters/oils to get the greatest benefit from the ingredient. I also look for oils that have been cold pressed, expeller pressed, steam distilled, CO2 extracted or extracted using grape alcohol as the solvent.

I'm careful not to use those that are solvent extracted using hexane.
Hexane is a neurotoxic petrochemical solvent that is used by some to produce oils, soy protein isolates or texturized soy protein (TVP) from soybeans. Hexane is a chemical solvent that is purified from crude oil. It has been identified as a toxic air contaminant and a greenhouse gas.

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^^ They're very expensive, tinaros. Land of Milk & Honey has a gallon of emu for $90 and Silky's Garden gallon size is on sale for $190, regularly $290. BUT, they do offer smaller sizes, so that's a good thing.

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