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Swimming has tanned my skin :(

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I joined swimming classes some 12 days back. I am from India and have a fair(if not very fair) complexion. Now my skin has turned very dark and I assume its due to some tan or chlorine.
I haven't applied any cream or any remedy. I swim from morning 9:00 - 11:30. I have stopped swimming now, can I regain my original skin color. My entire body is now darkened and I am very depressed seeing myself on mirror.

And lot of people around me say 'u have tanned big time'...
Is there any cure for this ?? Can I get back my original skin color ??
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good for u
lol its no good for me
I hv become very dark.
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If you use a high SPF sunblock and stay out of the sun as much as possible, your skin should return to its normal color after a few months.
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