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Read here first!!!!
I got this from an Allure magazine I have. Its a section on lightening products that have been tested by the magazine itself! What I am about to type is very long, so some thanks (preferably in rep points. LOL!) would be much appreciated. Each product has 2 opinions on how they work, one from a dermatologist by the name of David H. McDaniel. The other from Allure magazine. Hope its not too confusing...

Product 1:

Skin Effects by Jefferey Dover Flawless Effects Advanced Brightening Complex, $15.99

Ingredients: Hydroquinone, kojic acid, retinol, and abscorbic acid

McDaniel: "Hydroquinone destroys melanin cells; retinol enhances its penetration"

Allure: 'Our skin looked radiant right away, but broke out a bit toward the end of week one.'

Product 2:

Patricia Wexler MD Skin Brightening Daily Moisterizer SPF 30, $39.50

Ingredients: Haloxyl (a peptide), vitamin C, and licorice extract

McDaniel: "Good for mature skin, haloxyl builds collagen and vitamin C targets unevenness."

Allure: At the end of three weeks, the cream had lightened a good-size sun spot on our face.

Product 3: Welcome to SkinCeuticals

SkinCeuticals Phyto+ Botanical Gel for Hyperpigmentation, $65

Ingredients: Arbutrin, kojic acid, cucumber, and thyme

McDaniel: "Ideal for sensitive or ethnic skin tha's prone to irritation-induced pigmentation."

Allure: After using it twice a day for two weeks, we saw the spots on our legs fade a tiny bit.

Product 4: True Cosmetics

True Radiant Revealing Complex, $90

Ingredients: Idebenone, lactic acid, and mulberry and licorice extracts

McDaniel: "The antioxidant Idebenone is a potent lightener that doesn't irritate most skin."

Allure: Friends couldn't believe how clear our skin looked after just two weeks.


Shisheido White Lucent Brightening Massage Cream, $48

Ingredients: Vitamin C and Asian-plant extracts

McDaniel: "Botanicals and vitamin C disrupt skins production of pigment temporarily."

Allure: The cream faded a brown spot on our chest slightly, but was too thick to use under makeup.

Product 6:

Dior Capture White Solution Age Spot Correction, $45

Ingredients: Lactic acid and licorice extract

McDaniel: "These ingredients offer only a mild lightening effect, but are very gentle on skin."

Allure: No big changes in the sun spots around our eyes, but our skin looked smoother overall.

Product 7: ptrsplash

Peter Thomas Roth Ultra Gentle Skin Lightening Gel Complex, $50

Ingredients: Hydroquinone, lactic acid, glycolic acid, kojic acid, and vitamin C

McDaniel: "It's oil-free, so its good for acne-prone skin"

Allure: After a few weeks, our blemish marks and freckles looked a little less noticeable.

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#'s 3, 5 and 7 have very good reputations! Depending on what you are lightening, are you looking for a spot treatment or something you can put over your whole face?

True Cosmetics looks like it had the best reviews though....if I were looking for a lightener I'd probably try that one.
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