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Ok so I've been using this for a long time now, over a year I guess. The thing is, I've read that the bacteria will eventually become accustomed to it anyhow. It did help when I was younger to prevent breakouts, but my skin is so sensitive now. Every time I shave my skin turns horribly red and rashes up. And the red splotches from pimples are STILL on my face from half a year ago, they don't seem to want to go away. I've been using some cover up makeup stuff to hide it but it's so embarrassing because it eventually fades off during the day, and if it rubs off onto my clothes or something I'm very screwed. Also, sometimes people can tell I'm wearing it, but not very often.

Story aside, I'm thinking about going off the Tetra to see if my skin sensitivity will go DOWN, while using various home remedies and creams to lessen the splotching and irritation. I just think the tetra is making my skin way too sensitive. Any people wanna throw in their 2 cents I would appreciate it.
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