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the best birthcontrol for acne?

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What is the best birth control for acne? i am thinking of trying nuva- ring...
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are you planning on taking birth control only to treat acne? Because there are other less desirable side effects of the pill.
For birthcontrol and for acne... I have heard Yasmin works, but I cannot take it cause I take another medication that causes high serum potassium... Anyone heard anything good about Nuva RIng?
I heard good things about the nuva-ring ... a friend of mine is using it and she is really positive about it. However if you want to use it only to prevent acne, I think there are better ways to do it. For example, ask a dermatologist for advice ... maybe she can help you.
Be careful if you plan on getting the ring, a friend of mine was on it and it came out during intercourse. I recommend using other remedies to treat acne b/c birth control has many negative side effects. i.e. weight gain, increase in mood swings, loss of sex drive and so on.
I agree with her.... Birth control pills have their own sideeffects...
Treat your acne in someother ways...
I also use Ortho Tri-cyclen for my acne. I was concerned about the weight gain so I took the low hormone one but soon was having my period twice a month! I went to the doc and they put on the regular to increase my hormone intake. The periods did regulate and so far I haven't had any weight gain. Birth control was a last resort for me I had tried everything else and nothing worked
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If your just using birth control for acne. I agree with Jade. Go to a dermatologist or find another way to deal acne.
A dermatologist will give you pills called Diane-35, but this IS NOT recommended for birth control, it is like a birth control pill but its intended use is to clear up acne.

Now, you can take until your acne clears up and then stop after a few months, but your acne may return; especially if it is due to hormonal issues.

I had terrible acne for years, always around my period, I also suffered from scarring. Now the pills do help, but my dermatologist insists I keep taking them, although I want to be back on my birth control pills for the obvious reason.

NOW....before you try this you may want to try a couple of creams from a dermatologist. Although they can be costly if you dont have a good drug plan (50 bucks each)

But they are called, Differn, which is used at night and Benzaclin which is used in the morning to dry out your pimples, although they can dry your skin and you will need to use a moisturizer over top.

Hope this helped
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