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The Little Known Vitamin P

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There appears to be an aesthetic treatment for facial spider veins that is starting to get noticed. It?s a cream containing the little known Vitamin P. Now, Vitamin P is part of Vitamin C Complex that includes things like rutin and citrus bioflavonoids. If you?re still interested, then keep reading. I did a lot of research.

I found this article that said in 1937, Dr. Albert Szent-Gyrogyo from Hungary won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for isolating Vitamin C. In the course of doing this he discovered and dubbed the bioflavonoid substances Vitamin P for permeability. His discovery uncovered that it had particularly beneficial effects on capillary strength and stability, and may also protect these blood vessels.

I have found one good product by Reviva Labs called ?Vitamin P Day Cream. I?m pretty much stuck on this company. It has helped lessen the redness that I seen from those with Rosacca, decongest clogged capillaries (for the spider veins), and has made her skin tighter.

I found ?Vitamin P Day Cream? at Whole Foods, but I think that you can find it at most health food and vitamin stores.

Has anyone else tried it?
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hi Organi. Do you have any web articles about Vitamin P? My mother would love a treatment for spider veins. Does it only work on the face?
Hello desigal,
Tell your mother that it's not just for the face. I think that if you go to Reviva Labs website you will find out more. You can also give them a call. They are always helpful when i need research help. Ask for Steve and tell him that you are responding to a web forum. 1800-247-7774.
Is it varicose veins prevention lotion? It has vitamin P in it? It is the only one I can find listed at the health food store??
I don't have varicose veins, but I am going to research vitamin P. Thanks for this information.
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