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thin & grey & unshiny hair

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my hair are very very thin plz............suggest how to make them thicker
& also they are getting grey after the bith of my son .... suggest remedies
& they lost shine , how to get back shine
Is amla powder is helpful to make hair black
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My hair is thin, gray and unshiny.

For thin, I am using spirulina and horsetail capsules. Definitely helping with my hair looking and feeling fuller, and reducing my shed rate. I was shedding the normal approx. 100 hairs per day before adding these supplements and now I shed less than that.

Gray I am doing on purpose. I am tired of coloring my hair and having the damage and other breakage that I experienced due to the thin/dry nature of my curly hair.

For unshiny, I am doing at-home glossing treatments every 6-8 weeks or when I remember (which an push it to 10-12 week intervals). I use Robert Craig Clear, and it's worked well for me.

I am getting happier about my hair since adding these changes.
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I' too take horsetail capsules for my hair. How many mg do you take? I will have to look at the spirulina. I was also loosing 100 plus strands a day!! It has helped a ton since taking the horsetail, but I still would like to see less shedding-
Sorry that I didn't reply sooner! I was trying to ask you the same question in the "thin hair" thread.
I have been taking 360mg in capsule form. I noticed an improvement in my shedding in about a week just at that relatively small dose. The label on my bottle says to take 2 caps 3x daily with meals, so I'm taking just 1/6 of that. I was concerned about taking too much despite what the label says. I checked out horsetail dosage on the internet and I was under the impression that a smaller dose (than on my bottle label) was more widely recommended.
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1 - 2 of 74 Posts
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