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thin & grey & unshiny hair

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my hair are very very thin plz............suggest how to make them thicker
& also they are getting grey after the bith of my son .... suggest remedies
& they lost shine , how to get back shine
Is amla powder is helpful to make hair black
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My hair is thin, gray and unshiny.

For thin, I am using spirulina and horsetail capsules. Definitely helping with my hair looking and feeling fuller, and reducing my shed rate. I was shedding the normal approx. 100 hairs per day before adding these supplements and now I shed less than that.

Gray I am doing on purpose. I am tired of coloring my hair and having the damage and other breakage that I experienced due to the thin/dry nature of my curly hair.

For unshiny, I am doing at-home glossing treatments every 6-8 weeks or when I remember (which an push it to 10-12 week intervals). I use Robert Craig Clear, and it's worked well for me.

I am getting happier about my hair since adding these changes.
I' too take horsetail capsules for my hair. How many mg do you take? I will have to look at the spirulina. I was also loosing 100 plus strands a day!! It has helped a ton since taking the horsetail, but I still would like to see less shedding-
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When you wash and rinse they come out and my hands are covered. Same when I run my hands through my hair. My endocrine actually asked me to save all the hair each day and put in a zip lock and bring in for a period of one week. She is the one that said-WOWOWOWOW that is over 100 strands a day-

I do have a load of new growth. It is about 2 inches or so in length. I just can't imagine how long it will take to catch up to the rest of my hair.
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Wow - great idea. This shampoo has given some positive results on "androgenic alopecia" - hormone driven hair loss that men experience, but so do many of us women as estrogen levels decline in our middle-later years.
Actually my estrogen levels are totally normal. My loss is from my thyroid and iron levels.
Good that you had levels done, gymrat. I suspect that my thyroid is messed up too, but have not had that labwork done. How much iron are you taking now - I probably need that too.
I take 400mgs of the horsetail, but just started taking it 2 times a day to see if it helps with less hair strands coming out.

I take 28mg of iron, once a day. Iron is a tricky thing to take, you have to be careful otherwise it will cause bathroom issues- the one I take is a non bathroom issue iron

For your thyroid look at taking L-tyrosine. You can get it where you get your other vitamins/supplements.
How does L-Tyrosine relieve hypothyroidism symptoms?
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I read that the 2% Rx is more effective, but that results are still seen with the 1% OTC. Might be worth checking alldaychemist for the Rx. I'm going to look here tomorrow to see if we have either in Canada.
You must be able to get it in Canada-look at this link
Oh I get mine from my doctor. But thank you for the info on it.
A doctor will prescribe horsetail? I thought it was a herborist job ? WOW you have a GREAT Doctor!
I go to a Endocrinologist for my hormone issues. I get all of my vitamins from her. Some Rx some are not. These Dr are hard to find, but they are very knowledgeable and great for hormone issues.
The Endocrine System: What is an Endocrinologist?
Love your mood, innocent just like your avatar pix, cute!

awwhhh thank you-

That is the kind of Dr I need!
yes I have been so HAPPY with this Dr. She is really good, and takes an entire HOUR with me every appt. I only go every 6 or so weeks now. If I have any questions or problems, I have her email. I just email her and she answers me right away. Saves me a lot of hassle sometimes. Believe me there are times when I have really stupid questions. But she never makes me feel like I am stupid for asking-I like that!
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Oh Canada! I went to the local drug store today (Shoppers Drug) and found 2% Nizoral being sold over the counter. Needless to say it shocked the socks off me! There have been so many things that I have looked for up here in Canada and have been disappointed - this was a total surprise. So, of course, I bought a large bottle and went happily on my way.

Some claim that the 2% Nizoral is as effective as minoxidil for hair loss - so I am going to give it a try. One site that I read advised that the shampoo be applied and left on for 3-5 minutes, and that this be repeated 3 times a week.
Let me know if you like it. It is blazing hot out (108 F) maybe later tonight I will go out and see if I can't find it. Think CVS or Wallyworld would have it, or Target maybe?
I would think so. The store that I found it was the Canadian equivalent of CVS, Walgreens, Osco, Rite Aid - you know, the chain drug stores that have flyers every week. I paid full price (4oz, $18C) and will keep my eyes open for when it goes on sale.
I am going out right now, I hope I find it at my first stop-
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Ok so I found only 1% Nizoral too ($9 or so dollars), but I decided on the 2% Minoxidil instead. It was more $ but I thought I may as well try it.
I'd go with the minoxidil too, gymrat. Is it labelled "for men" - even though women also use it for the same reason?
No it is for women, that is what drew me too it. I only bought the one month treatment. I will let you know how it works and you do the same with yours ok?
Sounds good.

P.S. I also picked up some l-tyrosine today. I am certain that part of my problem is thyroid. One of the last things that my doctor did before I left for Canada was check my levels of thyroid hormones, and they were fluctuating so we did not do anything at the time, but now I suspect that I may be seeing the impact of low levels. Thanks for the info.
Oh I hope you the best with the L-tyrosine. I hope it works great for you. I have just recently notice the change of texture in my hair as well as the thinning. I take really good care of my hair, and use really good products. Lately my hair has a frizzy out of control feel to it. It isn't soft and smooth it is more coarse!! I emailed my Doc to see what she recommends for it.

But you know, why can't we put our brains together here and make this hair stuff?? What I got today consists of Minoxidil, alcohol, propylene glycol, and purified water.
Yes I applied it and left it on. Yes it was sticky if applied too thickly. I liked the brand name better - I thought the vehicle was better and not so heavy.
Mine is Rogaine for women is that what you used fawnie?
Yes. The brand name.
Well that is what I got today, so we shall see if it does justice for my locks.
OK! I'm starting with the Nizoral shampoo! We'll compare notes after say 6 weeks! Better let Semayden know so she can keep track of us! I am so bad about just isn't an issue to me I guess.....once the uterus is gone!
LOL, oh I am good at keeping track of that!! Have it down to a science! Anything else I am not good at keeping track of. Tell me though and right now I will put it on my calander on my phone.

Are you starting with it tomorrow? I just read the directions for mine, seems complicated-another waiting game-
Apply it, wait for it to dry before I can apply any other products. It has to stay on for 4 hours before I can wash my hair. At night I have to apply it and wait 2-4 hours before I can go sleep!!!

Tell me, how does this compare to the Nizoral directions?
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The waiting game? You mean the Rogaine? Yes, you have to follow the directions. I used to blow dry my hair after applying in the am and then at night just wait for it to dry - you could put a towel on your pillow if you don't want to wait for it to dry at night. It will stain your pillowcases!

I am using the Nizoral shampoo and love it for adding volume. It helps with the sweaty itchy scalp of summer too.
Ya just another waiting game. Like applying my Vit C, and my RA-
I applied the Rogaine last night before bed. I wasn't going to wait the 2-4 hours for it to dry. I went to bed!! I have black satin pillow cases, I change every other night. I didn't see any kind of stain or mark on my case this morning. So that is good news. Each application is only 1 ml. That is not enough for my head-so I am doing one side in the AM then the opposite side in the PM. We shall see what happens-

The only thing I have noticed is my scalp itches. Which is a side effect. Nothing that I can't handle.
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Mireckca oh so you only use the shampoo every 2-3 days? Ok, I did not know that.

With the Rogaine you use it 2 times a day, morning and night. I am on day 3. It isn't sticky at all on me. I apply it to each side where my hair is thin, it dries and that is it. Today I applied it, then applied my other products and whala I was done. I think I like it so far. Too bad I couldn't incorporate the shampoo you are using too. I think it would be too much for me all at once. Plus my endocrin just upped my thyroid meds so I better take it easy.
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Any headache from using the Nizoral?
No more than usual!
Lol, isn't that the truth! If its hot at your place that is just another reason for a headache-
Waiting for a cool streak around here-
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