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This might work.!.!.!

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Okay i was ready my monthy black beauty magazine and at the back you have ppl advertising, now two ads where for skin bleaching products. vinchi was like ?500 to expensive! Then you had Has any1 tried this cuz i couldn't find anything and i'm so sick of wasting money! The before and after of the hand does look promising. But who knows.
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Really! U think them pics are fakes how long where u using it for sis?
Who tried Elea derma light. Aparantly it depigs the skin. And its made by french dermatoligist
no where can you buy Elea derma light from?
To be honest i never bought or tried it thats why i asked. Just yahoo or google it. I don't want to advertise any products i just want something thats safe, effective and permanent. benzylarbutin its a scam don't believe the hype its just another form of hydroquinone. And left me with scarring
haven't seen this products reviews i guess its not worth spending money on it.
What works is whatever Lil Kim is using. I wonder & so wish to know! I saw her with Keysha Cole & she is now lighter than K.C. she used to be Foxy Brown color.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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