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Thought I should intro myself! :)

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Hi all, I'm new around here!

I'm 37, from Melbourne, Australia, self-employed, mum, married, lots of cats and various other pets...

I'm a skincare and makeup addict, but I have a lot of other interests too...

I've had skin issues on and off for about 10 years but just been diagnosed with Rosacea... I've had it for a long time, probably 10 years, but we've only just worked out what it is cos the breakouts have been worse and more frequent...

This condition was made all the more worse 3 years ago when I had a facial at a large (if not the largest in the world) skincare/cosmetics company because they used products not suitable for my skin type... do you think they would help me or fix the damage caused..? No.... So I just dont wont use their products now after being a loyal customer for 18 years...
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Hi Kitty and welcome. I responded to your other thread about Rosacea.
hi kitty nice to meet you. I hope you can find some answers here and maybe you can share some of your wisdom with us too.
Thanx for the lovely warm welcomes everyone!
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nice to meet you & welcome to our little hangout spot
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