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Acne and oil control is a long term battle. Do not give up easily.

Good Habits
Live up to good daily habits. Regulate your activities and bed time schedules.

Get Fully Rested
One third of human's live time is spend sleeping. Sleeping is not just a form of resting, especially not a waste of time, but an essential part of healthy life style. While sleeping, your skin is restored from the harmful effects of daily stress, replenish itself and get you ready for another hard day.

Lack of sleep can wear off your skin and leave it vulnerable against bacteria.

Choose your diet
Each person, and their skin, react to food differently. Sometimes, certain types of food can cause your acne problems much more severe.

Some common tips are to stay away from spicy food (like hot salsa), oily nuts (like peanuts), and fried food (like French fries and chips).

On the safe side, eat more vegetable and fruits as always.

Attention to pills
Some medicine or health supplements can enhance acne occurrence. Try to stay away from pills that contain vitamin D, B12, lithium, and those that swing your hormone balance.

Wear sun block

UV rays are very harmful for your skin. Long time exposure to direct sun ray can thicken your skin. This will lead to more severe acne and blemish problem.

Pull your hair back
Hairs on your face can irritate your skin and make your acne problem worse.

Choose your cosmetics carefully
Research for cosmetics suitable for your skin type and purpose. Try to focus on the same brand at a time to prevent any chemical reaction between cosmetic brands.

Skin with acnes tend to be more sensitive. So be aware of skin care products with strong chemical content. Be careful when use scrubs too.
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