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Tips for laser hair removal?

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Hey girls! I've always looked for the newest ways for hair removal. I used to always just get professional treatments on my legs, but eventually these became too expensive when my hours at work were cut down. So, I've just been trying to find somethign long terrm that works! My girlfriend is an esthetician so I asked her if she reccommended any products and she mentioned this new thing called silk'n. My friend has it and did a try on me and it wasnt painfull at all . If it does the trick it might be just worth it to get it, as I live in California and I'm always wearing skirts. I considered buying it from, but I'm still not sure. I've only heard great things so far, but I want to do more research and make sure before I pay $800. Has anyone had any experience with Silk'n or have any recommendation?
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Hi, and welcome.

The only thing I can recommend is that with the way the market are now, people are desperate to sell their products and services and I'm sure you can pull off a lower price with some negotiation.

and we're not all girls in here.
I used to get my legs waxed and then used Epilady for a number of years as well. Anyway decided to have laser treatment on my legs about 2 years ago. I went for 4-5 sessions at a cost of £100 per session should have gone for a couple more but was busy so never got round to it. Anyway hair growth on my legs is negligible need to shave them once every 3 weeks. If I had the additinal 2 treatments I would probably have no hair. It was slightly on the pricey side but worth it in my opinion.
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