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Tips: The danger of facial mask at the end of a long hard day

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The danger of facial mask at the end of a long hard day

This is an article i wrote a few weeks back. I think it will fit in with the tops...

After a long stressful day, many women think that their skin well deserve a rich, creamy facial mask to sooth things out a bit. But it?s a misconception.
Skin under stress is usually dry, rough, lifeless, and even give up to pimples and other problems. That is because skin and immune system are very weak at the time.

But facial masks are strong skin care products, which force skin to increase its nutrition intake by increase skin blood circulation though blocking skin pores for short period of times.

By applying facial mask while your skin is weak, the nutrition stimulate skin irritation and destroy skin balance, instead of being helpful at all. This can lead to skin spots and skin pain, as well as other symptoms.


1. Skin massage. This helps blood circulation. After cleaning your face, rub your face with moisturizer for 3-5 mins.

2. Steam you face with scented oil. This helps relax your nerves and skin.

3. Spray your face with water during the day. But remember to wipe them off. This will moisturize your skin and keep them healthy and strong.

4. Drink tea instead of coffee.

5. Sleep with bigger and fluffier pillow to help with circulation and swollen eyes.
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So true about the facial massage. Facial massages help by improving blood circulation and relieving stress and thus help you maintain younger looking skin. A lot of people know about massages for the body, but many forget about our faces!

Thank you for the information. I always thought using a mask right after work would help me, but apparently not!
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