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Tips to live with your Acne

Acne is best treated with dermatological help. But till the time you take the journey from pimple prone skin to flawless radiant skin, read our tips to learn to live with your acne. Guard your self confidence to keep going through pimply times.

Avoid being upset about acne
Speak promptly to people who embarrass you
Avoid judging people on their skin value. People with good skin may have other problems that you might never experience in your whole life.
Read a book or listen to music if you are feeling blue
Remove make-up before going to bed
Wash your glasses often, if you wear any.
Change your pillow cover every alternate day
Avoid picking and popping pimples
Use make-up to cover pimples and blemishes. Actors, celebrities, and many others use this technique
Avoid exchanging cosmetics, towels and napkins
Follow your dermatologist's advice
Stay away from stress
Avoid comparing yourself to others
Avoid self-medication
Take rude remarks in your stride. Even the most gorgeous looking people receive the rudest comments
Be patient

hope this is helpful.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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