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Toilet Crunches!!!!!!!

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So if you're anything like me, you're not crazy about crunches. They're painful if you have a jutting-out tailbone, and unless you have ankle weights or a loyal buddy, it's hard to even do them right.

But I found a solution!!!

If your bathroom is laid out with a lot of room in front of the toilet, try this: Put a towel or rug on the floor in front of the toilet and lie on your back with your feet facing the toilet. Grip the bottom of the toilet with the soles of your feet, cross your arms over your chest and do crunches!! You won't have to worry about holding your feet down, so it's both easier and a lot more productive. It's kind of fun, too!
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Very Creative... would hooking your toes underneath a couch work just as well though? You know for those of us who might think twice B4 lying on our bathroom floor LOL
You do realize that everytime you flush the toilet millions of bacteria are spewed all over the place and in most cases around 15 feet in diameter from the toilet?

By the way that means it's not a bright idea to leave your toothbrush exposed.
^Wow..i'm a germophobe but I'm honestly not scared of my bathroom. It's gross to think about, but i think that falls into the category of healthy exposure to bacteria, to keep your immune system going.

Dragon lilly, I've done the couch thing before and it works too, except my couch digs into my feet and it hurts
lol but really anything that's stable and won't move with you.

I also noticed that toilet crunches work your inner thighs from gripping the toilet!!
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I believe that, Pomander. I had to give you reputation points for that post
. Maybe I'll scrub my floor and try it!
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Go for it!!! I've been doing them every single night. I can't explain why but they're so much fun! and i'm starting to feel a difference in my abs
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