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too many products to chose's RIDICULOUS (need help w/my regimen)

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Well I am 35 and recently lost weight, which is good....BUT it made my wrinkles MUCH worst

So I've been researching and researching and researching and the more I research the more I am just LOST!

It seems that everyone has a different routine and no one can agree as to what the best products are! It's just so frustrating...

My routine now is

AM-cleanser followed by Relastin Skin Revitalizer and Relastin Eye Silk.

I then follow with Jergens Natural Glow SPF 20 self-tanning moisturizer

PM-Cleanser followed by Avene retrinal .1 (which contains retinaldehyde) followed by Relastin and Relastin Eye Silk.

I used to use Skin Eternal which contains all the ingredients recommended by Periconne in his book "The Wrinkle Cure", but the more I researched each one (DMAE, C-ester, Lipoic Acid, etc.) the more I realized that very few of the skin "experts" actually use any of that stuff.

I would really like to add something to my AM routine, maybe something from Skinceuticals like Ferulic CE (recommended by futurederm and Dr. Baumann) or somthing but I just don't know!

There are just TOOOOO many products that all claim to do this and that and I just can't make head or tails of it.

I was a smoker for WAY too long by the way (which explains a good percentage of my wrinkles!)

Anyway, what do you all think of my regimen and any suggestions?

Thanks a billion!!!
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It is very complicated and you just have to go through trial and error to find out what works for you. I would go with a higher SPF at least 40 to prevent more wrinkles and also always wear sunglasses to stop squinting which make the lines around the eyes worse.
I also lost quite a lot of weight and what had been my double chin just caved in and the skin still has not gone back to normal.
I started using all natural skincare and have seen a difference in the tone of my skin. Skin Actives has a good range of products also Garden of Wisdom, I would suggest Retinol or getting Retin A from a Dermatologist.
I would suggest you research the drinking water theory before you try it because everything I've read says it does not hydrate the skin and can actually be dangerous.

Since everybody's body is different different people react to different skin routines- you just have to try your own and give it a few months (because I think people expect things to change right away and it doesn't) just ride it out.
Ivy, you mentioned an SPF 40, do you know of any anti-wrinkle tinted moisturisers which contains a high SPF?
You have to look at the ingredients, not the brand! What works for me is Retin-A, DIY vit C serum (lots cheaper than SkinCeuticals and still contains the C+E+ferulic acid), Sunscreen and various moisturizers, but those are the core products.
Kudos! for the weight loss! What about some facial exercise and massage to firm things up again? FlexEffect is one that I do and it works, I can tell you.
Facial Exercise: FlexEffect Facialbuilding - the last word in facial training.

The best TM with SPF I have found is Merle Norman Sheer Defense UVA/UVB formula. It only has spf20 though. Any higher and it wouldn't be sheer, but you can layer it over a higher spf SS.

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Metromale, how are you liking the Relastin and have you noticed any changes in your skin from it?
Products Products Products!
I usually ask myself...what do I NEED for my skin type? I don't like to get caught up in all these treatments/products I don't need and I like to keep my regimen as simple as possible.
For Me Its:
DAY: Cleanser (Korres White Tea), Moisturizer (Beija-Flor Naturals Acai Mango Light Lotion)
NIGHT: Cleanser (Korres again), Amazon Anti-oxidant Treatment
WEEKLY INDULGENCES: I love clay masks or my Agave Aloe Polish (I alternate)

I don't wear much makeup and I have really dry skin so I don't see the need for a toner. As much as I love em' still haven't gotten the serum into regular rotation. Should this be daily or weekly?
Metro Male the only 2 things I would suggest is Vitamine C serum in the mornings and a stronger sunblock, something higher than 30, SPF 20 isn't that great, it's better than nothing, but not that great, comerative to going outside in a snow storm with only a t-shirt on, instead of a thick warm winter jacket. I hope this helps you out, ya might want to do some exfoliations from time to time as well. that really helps too.
Mony or anyone, what in your opinion "is" the best vit c serum out there? Thanks
From what I hear, it's the one they make at home. Look through the threads the recipe is there and it's cheap to make too!
From what I hear, it's the one they make at home. Look through the threads the recipe is there and it's cheap to make too!
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