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Trilastin for Stretch Marks

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Someone told me that trilastin does wonders for stretch marks. (They said that it won't remove them, but it makes them a lot less noticeable) Can anyone here confirm that?

Here's their website: Trilastin Advanced Stretch Marks Removal Cream
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Looks like they have a 60 day guarantee so even if it doesn't work, you can still return it.
Cocoa Butter is a good remedy for stretch marks.
Stretch marks are a sign of a zinc deficiency. A zinc supplement is what you need.

If you don't believe me then you can buy some Zinc Status which will tell you if you have a zinc deficiency. Zinc Status will cost about $15 in a health food store.
Why do you think stretch marks signal zinc deficiency?
Ive always been told that stretch marks are just caused by genetics. Some people get them no matter what. Others never do.
OK, don't beleive me but they can say a lot of things are genetics that does NOT really help address any issue.

I will repeat myself again. I had stretch marks as a teen and there was no change in my weight then. I now know I have a zinc deficiency which I have had my whole life.

Telling me that it is genetics does not explain why some people pay about $80 for some cream. Can you explain how it is genetics but that cream works. IF it were actually genetics would some pharma company make that product for stretch marks? It was studied and that costs lots of money to study that cream all because of a genetic problem that basically can NOT be treated. What is wrong with this picture?
That is very interesting ortho. I have also been told that drinking a lot of water during pregnancy can help the skin become more elastic and avoid stretch marks.
I have been told by my mother, who is a health nut, that Vitamin E strenghtens skin. Taking vitamin E supplements or having it in your diet should help. Also drinking lots of water should replenish the skin. I also heard that applying lots of cocoa butter restores and keeps skin's elasticity. FYI, 70% of what is on your skin is absorbed into your body, having skin care products that contain high Vitamin E should restore the skin's elasticity. I can't guarantee anything because I too suffer from stretch marks, but the last few years I haven't gotten any new ones, so maybe vitamin E supps. and products are helping.
My doctor has told me the same thing. Vitamin E helps the skin stay elastic.
Hello everybody!
The most important element in getting rid of stretch marks and cellulite is the gym. Do not expect to stay home watching TV and drinking some wonder-tea and the cellulite will disappear. Not even in fairy-tales this is not possible
I am using a Hydro-Active Anti-Cellulite Body Milk from Gerovital Plant BIO Line.
"Use after bath or shower, vigorously massaging the body concentrating on areas predisposed or already affected by cellulite. For optimal results we advise combining this treatment with a proper diet as advised by a physician." That is what they say on the vendor's site(, and i couldn't agree more.
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I agree with Jessica. But your advice only applies before the fact, not after the fact.
yes you can return it back to them if it doesn't work
Orthomolecular is right on about the zinc deficiency making an individual more susceptible to stretch marks. There are zinc products out there that are specifically formulated for stretch marks as zinc has been used for thousands of years for skin conditions. the newest patented one that I have found to work well is epizyn, a zinc based gel that works well on any scarring.
"Stretch marks are caused when the skin is stretched to the point of breaking down, similar to elastic losing its' elasticity. Losing collagen and elastin in the skin causes stretch marks, loss of tone, fine lines and wrinkles. When there is a breakdown or loss of elastin and collagen fibers or excessive stretching in the skin, the mark actually shows through to the
epidermis (top layer of skin). " There u go. I'll need elastin and collagen. they prteins produced my your own body. But there are many supplyments and skin care products are helps too.

And of course....Vitamin E is essential to skin health...that's why most skin care products contain vitamin E.
There are available some recipes for stretch mark healing.

The blending of: Vitamin E oil, cocoa butter, wheat germ oil, light sesame oil, apricot oil, grated beeswax, and essential oil combinations. If you have access to a local aromatherapist, I'm sure that he/she can help you. Persevere with the massage techniques that he/she can show you. If you have no luck, then ask me for more details. I'm only too happy to help.

I havent heard about this product but would definitely like to hear more.
There are a number of options for fading stretch marks. Most don't work that well. However, everyone is different and you may get more positive results than others.
Quote: Originally Posted by Marquis

Perfectrx has a product Beyond Stretch Mark Repair and it is better than Strivectin and trilastin. Also very affordable around $35. Loaded with Registril and peptides. A few CLIENTS have tried it and their stretch marks diminished remarkably. Nothing will get rid of them totally but theirs looked sooo much better. you can read about the product at

Perfectrx sounds like a wonderful product line.
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