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Trying to be a safe-tanner, but I'm in desperate need of help.

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I am trying to be safe and not go sun bathing anymore (and this is becoming difficult!) I can't find just the 'right' product for me(I need to have a good/natural dark tan soon because I have prom, and graduation). I've used Loreal Sublime (its good but I don't get dark enough), Banana Boat Deep/Dark (I get darker but appear kind of orange, especially hands and feet!!), Jergens med/tan (I can't tell a difference), tried spray tan buut I think I may stay away from those. In order to get my answers I've been reading reviews online, I read how you must exfoliate before use of a self-tanner, which I did and then applied the tanner. I exfoliated then after around 3-5 days of applying the tanner only once then continued the tan until I had to exfoliate again. But for some reason my fake tan appeared blotchy, uneven and felt dry. I never really added much moisturizer though. *Sigh* So from another website I read how to fix it you need to start your tan over. I soaked in a hot bath for awhile and exfoliated really well annd shaved. My fake blotchy tan isn't gone completely. I'm worried this tan won't fix, and I won't find some self-tanner I can afford and will be dark enough and natural for me before May! PLEASE this is so important to me, can somebody help???
I heard about this product today on this video, the product was called, Xen-Tan and it sounded soooo awesome. It looked soo real too on the girls it was on. I instantly wanted to grap my hands on this product. But seeing how it is around $40 I may not be able to find it cheap. *cries*

Can somebody please help me, I wish to find a product that is safe for me so I won't go sunbathe. I used to tan so much, in beds and outside. I need to stop. Please, I need a really good, natural looking self-tanner.
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Ehh, I'm scared. Lol. Do you know if they look like a real tan, and can become dark without you or hands and feet turning an embarrassing, ooomppa loompa orange?
I've tried spray tans, and was told I looked orange
. My feet got extremely orange. If I avoid my toes it won't look right, I would think. I treid to take my time on it. I sometimes added moisture but the spray doesn't stay long..and appears to be blotchy and uneven when it fades. Now my tan is extremely uneven after exfoliating from it being blotchy. Can I add my tanner to try to correct it, since I exfoliated in warm water for awhile and I moisturized around 1 or 2 hours ago? (my skin is like silk ^^)
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haha, I know what you meant. I've done it at home, and at a salon. I think I may've looked orange for both...idk, and it costs me $25 for the salon lol. That's alot.

By the way, is it important to exfoliate daily after you start your fake tan orrr what? If I wait five days (and it starts to get splotchy like) do I HAVE to remove the whole entire tan? I'm so confused with this exfoliating thing I'm going bonkers. lol
Ok, so could you please give me the exact steps when I need to exfoliate exactly. I don't want to mess up or anything.
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