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She said that hair splits and breaks easily because black hair is naturally dryer than white, asian, and hispanic hair.

Therefore, for preventing split ends, she recommends that we moisturize our hair daily, stop using heat, and use a protein treatment often.

She also recommends that black people stop brushing their hair because she thinks brushing leads to split hairs.

Lastly, she also believes that we should eat healthy and take vitamins.

I already knew all this stuff, and the book didn't tell me anything new.

I'm thinking of buying these two books: Healthy Black Hair: Step-by-Step Instructions for Growing Longer, Stronger Hair: Books: Nicole Elizabeth Smith Beautiful Black Hair: Real Solutions to Real Problems--A Step by Step Instructional Guide: Books: Shamboosie

They cost more, but I don't mind.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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