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Under Eye Circles

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Hello, I am wondering how I can get rid of my under eye circles, it's very black like a panda's eye nearly looks like it. I don't care about the puffyness I just care about the blackness of it. It looks like I'm on drugs or something.

How can I fix this? I have tried all sorts, creams, myths nothing works! It's not genetic I never had it until this year and it's been a year I have them now.

- I got a party coming up, how can I cover it up with no makeup? Can I use baby powder on it so it lightens it since it's white? I duno. Help.
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Since it's not genetic, the first step is finding out why you have the dark circles.

See a doctor and in the meantime don't use baby powder... you'll look ridiculous. Concealer's the way to go.
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