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Thanks for replying.. no I didn’t lighten the rest of my body . Stomach is naturally so dark and in fact my full lower body is darker than my upper body .. but it’s too visible on my stomach and back. I tried using kojie san it made it worse. I used a bleaching cream too which had hydrogen peroxide and it didn’t make a difference maybe a shade lighter for some days and back to the orignal shade .. now I don’t know what to do . Or if anyone has been successful in removing such discolouration
Don't ever use hydrogen peroxide for lightening. It creates free radicals and damages skin more. Start using lotion like amlactin , do weekly peels. Then jump on lightening using niacinamide, alpha arbutin or hydroquinone. I've noticed it's easier to lighten skin once it has been thoroughly exfoliated. GL on your journey.
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