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Unusual Skin

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Hello, everyone. I just joined this site. I wanted some opinions and advice about my skin. Here goes:

So my face is almost never oily. It's always dry. In the winter, it's hella-dry. It only ever gets oily when I sweat, and even that doesn't happen too often. And anytime I try to use any kind of moisturizer (and I've tried many), it just gives me pimples. I don't have a huge acne problem unless I do use something on my skin, and/or if it's during my period.

Another thing about my skin is that it has open pores, or at least that's what I'm thinking it is. See, I have small, micro-hairs on my cheeks, right under my eyes (like everyone, I think), and I think that's why you can see those pores... they're like tiny holes.. and this makes my face look even more dry.

I always kind of wished I had an oilier face, because my face looks more radiant when I have some oil on my face. It's easier to powder up a face than it is to oil up a face! So those of you who have oily skin, I'm jealous!

So does anyone know what I should do? Or does anyone at least understand what I have going on?
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I say go see a dermatologist or a cosmetic dermatologist to help you because this sounds a bit tricky.

Alternatively, you might also consult with a good aesthetician.

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