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Unusual Skin

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Hello, everyone. I just joined this site. I wanted some opinions and advice about my skin. Here goes:

So my face is almost never oily. It's always dry. In the winter, it's hella-dry. It only ever gets oily when I sweat, and even that doesn't happen too often. And anytime I try to use any kind of moisturizer (and I've tried many), it just gives me pimples. I don't have a huge acne problem unless I do use something on my skin, and/or if it's during my period.

Another thing about my skin is that it has open pores, or at least that's what I'm thinking it is. See, I have small, micro-hairs on my cheeks, right under my eyes (like everyone, I think), and I think that's why you can see those pores... they're like tiny holes.. and this makes my face look even worse.

I always kind of wished I had an oilier face, because my face looks more radiant when I have some oil on my face. It's easier to powder up a face than it is to oil up a face! So those of you who have oily skin, I'm jealous!

So does anyone know what I should do? Or does anyone at least understand what I have going on?

Oh.... I thought I'd add another question while I'm at it...

This is about my legs, actually. I have very dark hair. The hairs on my legs are black and very thick. The thing is that everytime I shave, you can still see my black hair underneath, AND I get stubble within a few hours. When I wax, it seems like a waste of time because it grows back within a few days, no matter what kind I use, and it hurts like HELL because my leg hair is so thick... Not sure if there's really anything I can do about it, but if anyone does have a miracle, I'd like to know what it is. THANKS.
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Did you went to a dermatologist?
About your legs - sorry but i dont have a good idea - i look around for one and i'll PM you if i'll find one.
Hello, I'm a newbie and not very skin-educated as of yet, and the only thing I can think of regarding the leg hair problem is to get laser hair removal. It can get kind of pricey, but with all the trouble you deal with regarding it, it might be worth it.
Whatever you do, good luck!

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