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URGENT: Preventing Stretch Marks

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A friend who is very obese has recently (just last week) started getting stretch marks on her stomach. I told her that she should hurry up and try to lose weight by either exercising/eating better or taking laxatives. She won't listen to me, and she instead wants some tips on what she should do to stop future stretch marks. Does anyone have any tips for preventing further stretch marks?
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Unfortunately as long as she doesn't do much for her body by what you said, there won't be much help. Sure she can help to get rid of them, check this site out here scroll towards the bottom and you'll see someone with stretch marks. (no I don't make any money from this site, I just use their products). Also try some coconut oil!
If your friend already gained the weight, it will be tough going when she loses it. When the skin stretches like that, it disrupts collagen synthesis and creates micro tears - there is little you can do in extreme circumstances (I mean if the damage is alreday done).

I would shy away from advising laxatives or other dramatic weight loss ideas, though I am not a dietician.
I would advise trying to live healthy - tha includes your skincare. My mantra is to cleanse, tone, moisturize, protect, every single day, as gently as you can. This mainly applies to the face, but the stretchmark prone areas can benefit from daily cleansing and moisture too.

If your friends problem is that bad, please encourage her to see a doctor.
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But, she needs to lose weight now before she develops more stretch marks on her stomach. She's black, and the stretch marks are new. Can yall recommend any creams?
Well you got the popular coco butter too....although I believe as long as you keep the skin hydrated with a good slows the formation of the stretch marks.
So, why do you guys think that skin hydrating slows stretch mark formation?
Helping to keep the skin supple and keep the elasticity of the skin, keeping it intact while it grows and stretches and supports the dermis. Plus depending on the creams, some will help with collagen boosting. Brushing is also good for stretch mark prevention as it helps circulation in the area.
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