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Vincent Longo

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Has anyone tried Vincent Longo's water canvas creme to powder foundation? I have only seen and heard great thinkgs about it. I ordered it and am excited to try it, but would like to hear about other people's comments on it.
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I'm bumping this....has anyone tried any of this line? I was looking at the foundation; the ingredients are right up my alley.



The healthy glowing summer skin of Mediterranean women inspired this formula. It imparts an unbelievably soft, porcelain matte, medium-to-full coverage finish on the skin and has a smooth as silk, cushiony texture which blends effortlessly.

Cucumber, Aloe Vera and Wheat Germ Oil work together to hydrate and soften the skin.
Chamomile soothes the skin, reducing irritations.
Vitamin E and SPF 8 provide protection against free radicals and UV sun exposure.
Excellent for smoothing textured skin, filling in lines and wrinkles and concealing redness and sun freckles.
Intensely longwearing - will withstand long hours and periods of physical exercise.
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Oh YES to Water Canvas!! Lovely foundation and very natural looking. You have to be careful not to put in on too thickly - it's so light and creamy that it's easy to do...but with a light hand it's beautiful. There is a Water Canvas primer that's nice too....I think it has seaweed and silk in it.

I didn't like the Liquid Canvas so much - it was a little too matte for my normal skin, but oilies might love it!!

Thanks for the imput! I ended up trying the water canvas and was good but I had the wrong color and it is impossible to find VL anywhere!!!! Sephora no longer carries it either.....frustrating. So the search for foundation continues.
nope I think I just saw this brand on clearance at the sephora website..maybe u should check it out. Everything was marked down pretty cheap like 7-8 dollars
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