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Virtual Skin Care?

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Has anyone tried this software?
Looks like for $60 you can "virtually" correct all your skin care issues. Haha!
I wonder if it's the same type of thing that the magazines use to eliminate all the imperfections before the magazine goes to print?
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If it is what magazines use, it is a CHEAP version.
I'm sure what magazines use is probably pricier.
Most companies use Adobe Photoshop to touchup their photos. It is called airbrushing or "photoshopping".
If it were only that easy in real life!
OMG wouldn't that be so cool, with the flip of a button or cursor, you walk out with flawless skin, tone, mu, etc!
lol, actually i do that all the time to my photos, fixing the skin is my favorite part. im a photoshop-addict!
hehe, for example:


most of the 'virtual makeovers' i do for ppl arent so drastic though lol.
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oooh that is impressive! You even gave her a nose job & a face lift
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lol yeah, though i have to admit she looks pretty fake. my other ones have been not-so-fake-looking though!
See less See more do you do there a website you can go to??
Okay, what software do you use? I have no idea how to even be that computer or software savvy. I'd love to touch up a photo or two...hee hee
ummm thats just photoshop lol. i use it at work and have learned a lot of tricks!!
Doesn't photoshop cost like $500. That's a lot of money
You can always get bootlegged copies - but I didn't say that! LOL
Doesn't photoshop cost like $500. That's a lot of money
It's $300 something now. But I've gone to sites that give tips and such....and it looks pretty darn detailed and a lot to learn. Although the more you mess with it, the easier it gets. Just looks kinda hard to me.

I would need someone sitting next to me and showing me the basics.
wow that is a lot of money. i got it from work :/
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