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vitamin B5

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i read on another acne forum that you can take 10g of Vit B5. i saw an auction on ebay for vit B 5 powder or pills (i cant remember which) and i was wondering if anyone has bought the vit B5 from an ebay seller or any place and if so, were the results good?
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here are some articles I found on B5 for acne:

Vitamin B5 For Acne - Is It A Good Thing?

Vitamin B5 Acne Article

I think if you do buy it from ebay, it will be just fine. Its not an expensive product so its unlikely that it would be fake or anything. Just make sure that teh seller has a good feedback and accepts Paypal. All the repuatable sellers accept paypal since you can easily reverse the payment if they dont deliver.
this is very interesting information. Can you share your ebay source for the B5?
thanks for the info! i'm going to go look it up right now...
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I have read about high amounts of B5 being very effective for those with acne due to oily skin and clogged pores = acne. I have also read that high amounts can be damaging internally. Anyone else taken this and if so, what results?
good point jessica.
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