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To Crazy love Affair, I can't quote your quote, because it's not allowed for people who haven't posted more than 15 posts, when a quote has a link to another website in it. So to answer your question.

I've seen that one, and I always said to myself, "if I ever stop making my own, I'll buy that one." It has sorbitol in it, it's a low grade of alcohol, and they say a great humectant and emulsifier. Did you know that sorbitol, is used in laxatives, toothpaste, cigarettes, it has many, many uses. It's really good for oily, wrinkled skin, but anyone can use it, it is used in place of glycols in many creams and serums.

That serum looks excellent to me. What skin type do you have, is it sensitive/normal/dry?
Is this your first time using it? You know you have to wear sunscreen daily with this, because it will exfoliate the skin. But, you should wear sunscreen regardless. Your never too young to start a good skin care regimen. If it is too strong for you at first, mix it in with a light cream, until your face gets used to it.

It shouldn't burn your face, if it does, wash it off immediately. If you just feel tingling, it's okay! Good luck.
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