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Hey my name is Walter and Freddy is my personal trainer and he told me about the site. I'm gonna be recording my progress here from now on and I'll be updating regularly.
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Yeah, so I've known Walter since grade 3. I was his first friend in Canada and his translator in class. We grew up together.

He's approximately 5'6 and weighs 143 lbs.

I've designed his program and diet to add on weight. I usually start people on a cutting diet to get them lean, see their muscle structure, and start with a new slate. However, in this case I felt that Walter needed to add size first. Once Walter gains some size and hits 150 lbs. or 155 lbs. we'll start to cut him down to a lean 135 or so. He's telling me that he was that weight most of his adult life, but we'd like to get back to that weight with a more muscular composition and with less fat. From there we'll hold it for the summer, so he can hit on the ladies at the beach, and then I'll start him up again on a bulking diet in the fall and winter.

I think he'll make good progress. We took some "before" pictures, so we'll see if he posts them up, and we'll take pictures during the whole thing as well.
Hey guys,

So last nite I had a strong work out with Freddy. We worked on Chest last nite and let me tell you It was a tough and challenging routine. I had to press 85lbs which I could do no prob for the first 4 or 5 reps than after that it was getting tougher but completed the set. However, I didn't want to fatigue so I instead moved down to 75lbs where I could still complete the sets and do a good job as well while maitining the technique of the workout. It felt great guys working out chest its one of those exercises that for me personally in the past I've struggled with, but I can honestly say last nite was solid through 100% and as we speak I'm feeling the soreness to kick in ( Can't wait how it will feel tomorrow :p). Sot thats all for now guys stay tuned next week where I'll post my torturewhen I'll have my dual with LEGS hahaha (puke days!).
Hi Walter! Welcome to the board, and we hope Freddy doesn't kill you there! fawnie

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Hi Walter! Welcome to the board, and we hope Freddy doesn't kill you there! fawnie
Ditto LOL - Good luck Walter!
That was a pretty good session. We got some 'before' pictures of Walter. We'll leave it up to him, if he wants to post them up and he can update with newer pictures as we go along.
Hey guys, so I'm at Oliver's ( Carleton U's Pub) having my protein shake after a session at Carleton U gym. So, today was an interesting day, I woke up today a lil sore from last nite from my back workout but, regardless I went in for LEGS today. Before I went though, I was sippin on a suplement to get me ready for this intense session. So today at the squat rack I was able to replicate last week's intensity at 95lbs squats that was no prob. However, I knew it would come ( the nautious feeling/throwing up feeling) when I would progress to lunges. I started out with 20lbs/hand I did the first 2 sets no prob, although I was starting to feel the weight, so I went down to 15lbs for the last 2 sets. After, completing the last 2 sets I went to do my final circuit (leg extension, leg curls, and calves raises) and completed the first superset. OK GUYS! Here I felt the aggregate of the squats and lunges, I took 2 or 3 mins cuz i felt like throwing up no joke that **** is intense, I needed some fresh air. I composed myself and tried to do my last sets but unfortunately I was unable I think it was the lunges, and the heavier weights in the beginning of my 2nd circuit. Nontheless, I still feel it was a strong workout session, high intensity. Alright I'm gonna stop here I have to get to class soon, so stay tuned for my next post.

I'm out peeps
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I spoke with Walter today and he told me he was approximately 150 lbs. which is the highest he's ever been in his life. I'm probably going to see him this weekend to see his progress and see how's he's looking. I'm going to make the call in two weeks to see if we continue to add weight of if we start cutting.
Walter should be updating soon since we had a back workout last night.
Hey guys,
Sorry I didn't update last nite, I was bogged out with this damn marketing assignment I had to hand in today for class.

So, last nite Fred came over and we headed to my local gym where we went to workout Back. The workout is relatively straight forward however, the intensity and to the degree we did the workout was great.

Last nite Fred wasn't there as my trainer but as a training parther which is also beneficial as the intensity goes up and the end result is a solid work out which is what we had last nite.

My routine last nite called for 2 circuits for two sets, but as discussed last week with Fred I felt my strenght has gone up so instead we did 3 sets of the two circuits and we pushed it I was sweating like a pig lol. The lat pull downs were killer in the first circuit, and for the second circuit single arm rows I was pressed that i was able to go from 20lbs to 35lbs.

I'm on my final week for this programme guys, my strength has gone up consideratebly and above else I feel good
. I will go now as my prof is giving me a dirty look.

PS remember to take your protein haha

I'll post soon

I'm out for now Peeps
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Great blog Walter! Just wanted to let you know that we added a new blog feature to our website and now you can create a real blog with much more functionality. If you are interested, you can try it by clicking the 'blogs' option in the blue menu at the top of the site.
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Walter - it is so good to hear your latest report! I was beginning to wonder if Freddy gave you any time off.

Ha, ha, ha. Keep it up - you are a great inspiration to us!
Hey Gang!
Its 11:46pm, I’m writing tonight to update you on today’s workout but, first and foremost I want to say thanks to those who have responded I appreciate your feedback.

So, today I missed my first meal , I overslept and didn’t wake up on time to take it, I think it was in part of me working on my assignment late last night that I had to hand in for today lol.
Nevertheless, I picked up right on my 2nd meal and went from there; I have a long break on Wednesdays at school, so usually I hit the gym during this time. Today’s workout was LEGS, and if you read my last post, you will remember my struggles from last week hahaha.

So I got to the gym around 12ish or so, I looked at my book and realized that on squats I’ve have made significant improvements from the first 3 weeks from 65LbS, 80LBS, and now 95lbs Sweet! So I was happy about that. Secondly, last week I was doing 15LBS on each hand for lunges, but this week I felt ready to take it up a notch and go for 20lbs, and to my surprise I was able to do it with no problems. However, the puking and nauseous feeling was lingering somewhat so I took a break (albeit short break), and then progressed to circuit two. Last week after lunges I only finished 1 set of circuit two so I owed it to myself to push and finish the second set for circuit two which I managed to do although I was ready to sit down hahaha. Usually after I finish legs I just want to crash anywhere that even going down the stairs your legs feel like they’re going to give out hahaha. So I’m happy to report that my workout with legs was a successful one today and I increased my weights where I needed it to.

I will try to post the pics of this month (before, starting of the month and after, at the
month) which ends on Valentines day how convenient hahaha, get your loved ones something nice, if not chocolate is always good hehehe
Alright it’s my bed time I should hit the sack since I have class tomorrow morning bright and early.

Stay tuned gang, I’ll post soon

I’m out for now
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W - yes! Looking forward to seeing some photos! We might not recognize you if you wait too long!
So Walter's going to start cutting on Monday. Getting ready for beach season. WooT!
Walter should be updating soon since we're starting a new routine tommorow.
Those seem like some pretty hard workouts. Keep up the good work!
I redesigned walter's workout, so he should be reporting soon with the results of the program. In fact, he's the next client that I have in less than an hour.
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