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Weird skin problems

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well i have this kind of stupid ugly looking scar on top of my lips its so irritating when i look at it. it illuminates my mustache even though i shave. the other on is under my lips same thing here's photos of it. and the other pic is my ankle with this annoying scar. what should i do with these things? these things make me ugly :| anyway another thing, i have this small itchy things. the one with water in it its small but they're many. I'll attach pics. please help me much appreciated.(these things make me ugly)

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I honestly don't see a scar above your lips. Where is it? Unless its the very faint in the middle towards the right. If that's it, let me tell you that it is next to invisible, and I wouldn't worry about it.

As for your ankle, it seems like its healing. Don't touch it and give it some time. You could try polysporin if you want.
okay thanks
well sorry its not clear lol. it has dark scars and illuminates my mustache. i shave my mustache but it is still illuminated :| any treatment? or skin lightener? i'll to get a clearer pic
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heres another photo i hope you would spot what im trying to say
. it really makes me look ugly :| and plus what do you do with this?do you notice that theres hair lol its ugly. (2nd pic) when people tell me hey why do you have hair only there lol. thats quite annoying any solution?

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