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What Anti Acne Products work for you

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Which are the anti acne products that have had positive results for you, i have heard people mention Proactive and Murad, are there any others
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I have not had a new blemish ( i will try to use this word rather than "pimple"
) in over two weeks now with my Baby Quasar and Baby Blue. It's still crazy to me that it works so well!
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In my teens and twenties I used prescription meds and had light treatment with good results. Recently when I asked my dermatologist about a couple of blemishes on my face, the comment I got was "It sort of looks like a pimple." I've had these blemishes for months. I picked up a tube of Benzagel at the drug store (never used it before) and after two treatments the small blemish is now a pinpoint and the larger blemish is about half the original size.
dragonlilly -- could you please tell me something about the two products you mention -- Baby Quasar and Baby Blue? What is the technology? Thanks.
BenzaClin! I have very sensitive skin that used to break out occaisonally..but not anymore! It's so worth getting the prescription, since it's the only thing that's really worked for me.
Being using this Deep Acne Facial Wash from TDF. Like its peppermint flavour and cool light texture.
It has been very effective in drying up the the oozy pimple. The set that was prescribed comes with a moisturiser that hydrates the skin without the greasiness.


Which are the anti acne products that have had positive results for you, i have heard people mention Proactive and Murad, are there any others
I recommend getting an acne facial it helped my face washes to work better for me once those pimples are extracted.
I agree with Salina, a good facial is a good foundation to begin with, although that's a service not a product.
But not everyone can afford the on-going maintenance of getting a facial. It is a luxury really. And not always necessary.

I think the average person, with an average paycheck and lifestyle, is looking for ways that they can improve the health of their skin right at home.

I went through periods where I was getting regular facials and skin procedures. Personally, I have had better results doing my own facials and finding my own products that work for my skin. I have had 2 different aestheticians, both very nice, but other than performing good extractions, their procedures and products generally just roughed up my skin.
I'm with dragonlilly. I had horrible acne -- and periodically have significant breakouts still. I've gone to Derms, aestheticians and found that consistently taking good care of myself - watching what I eat (especially) -and being conscious of treating my skin faithfully --- especially with masks -- has helped enormously.
I find Neutrogena works for me. It cleared my breakouts very well, I don't have them anymore, just an occasional deep spot or two. I use Brevoxyl (here in UK), it contains 4% of benzoyl peroxide. Very effective!
Just picked up Freddy's recommendation for Biore wash with salicylic acid, the biore nourishe night serum and daytime nourishe oil free lotion as well as blackhead scrub today, wish me luck! i'm hoping for any result but negative at this point. will keep you all posted !
You won't need luck Gavelgirl. Just use them twice daily religiously and you'll get results. I love those products. I've got about four or five 'backups' of each. hehehe.

I like how they smell.

Did you get the warming cleanser or the ice cleanser?
I think the thing about acne is that there is different causes for everyone. For me, it is a hormonal thing. My derm has repeatedly told me that anytime you start getting cyctic acne (which has been the bane of my existance) it is always hormonal and very few topical treatments will cure it.

I've had teenage acne and adult acne...for awhile I was convinced that I would have geriatric acne. Every year, I would inevitably go on a couple of courses of antibiotics, which would clear everything up for awhile. I've used retinoids since I was 18 or so (which I think should be mantatory for everyone) When I was really breaking out, benzaclin (benzo and clindamycin) or just clindamycin gel have been the best topical products for me. A couple of years ago, my derm suggested spironolactone. It is a medication used for water retention. As he explained it, there is a hormone that causes the body to retain water, that (and some sister hormones) also cause acne and this med targets those hormones. Since I have been using this, I very, very seldom have even a spot.

All and all, the combination of the spiro, tazorac and vit C serum have kept my skin the clearest it has been in years.

On the occasions that I do get a blemish...I live by my thermaclear. It is the best skin gadget ever. It zaps your zit with a split second of high heat that kills the bacteria. If I use it on a spot as soon as I feel it, it usually doesn't even form into a blemish and is gone the next day. I tried the zeno, and for me it didn't work that well and was very inconvienent because you have to hold it on your skin FOREVER (well, 2.5 min anyway) and it always made red spots on my face.
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I used to use products with chemicals like clean and clear, neautrogan etc. Well it always worked for a month or so and then broke my skin out really bad and also dried it out so I switched to all natural(mostly organic) things. My skin looks awesome right now! My daily routine includes Dessert Essence Tea Trea oil face wash, witch hazel as a toner, jojoba oil as a moisturizer, a mix of baking soda and water to exfoliate and tea tree oil and my Zeno(which I love so much!!!) as a spot treatment. Btw jojoba oil is the best thing you can do for your skin. It treats acne including blackheads really well because it is the closest thing you can find that imitates your own skin's oil which tricks your skin into producing less oil and sebum, it also fades red marks and evens out your skin tone while making your skin extra soft. Zeno is also awesome because it kills all of the bacteria in your pimple within a couple of minutes by using heat(no chemicals involved) so your pimple pretty much goes away in no time!
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Ekaterinag, I love face oil too! I used to purchase premixed oil, but now I just make my own. In the mornings, I use my version of Sundari's Vata oil and I night I use my version of Sundari's nighttime nourishing oil (

I also like to use a cleansing oil at night so that I can completely take off my makeup and sunscreen.

Coincidently, they are talking about moisturizing with oils on the today show right now.
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