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What are your favorite recipes?

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This summer, I started cooking recipes. And I have come across some really fantastic recipes that I am dying to share with someone. I will post some of them below. What are your favorite recipes? What do you like to eat for family dinners?

A Study in Mushrooms and Cream - Burghilicious

Ceejamon's Andouille Pasta-Bake - General [M]ayhem

Giant Pasta Shells Stuffed with Spinach and Ricotta Recipe

Google Image Result for

Recipe Details - Nestl New Zealand

Sausage Alfredo Lasagna Recipe

Something So Clever: Lasagna and Herb Bread Goodness.
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Anything that I can order in a restaurant.............
mari, what are your favorite recipes?
Once upon a time I was a great cook -- no kidding -- this lasted for several years -- then I realized what was the point-- I'd be so tired from cooking all day I wouldn't enjoy the meal myself.

My favourite recipes are French although I love Italian too.

I used recipes from Julia Child or Dionne Lucas --

My specialty was
Filet de Boeuf Braise Prince Albert

Roulades de Boeuf
Bouillabaisse de Poulet
Supremes de Volaille Archiduc

As a first course, my favourite was a consomme served with home made mini bouches. I would tell my guests the proper way to eat this dish was to put a mini bouche on the soup spoon pour sherry on top and then a tablespoon of consomme. They believed me. By the time that course was over they never remembered the rest.

Some of my diasters -- making a salmon souffle (just before the crowd was arriving) opening up my cupboard to get some spices and knocking a spice jar into the mixing bowl. The ******* was covered with salmon guck and glass.

Another (I think funny incident) was when I made cherries jubilee and brought the flaming dish into the dining room -- one of the guest didn t know the dish was to be served en flambe, rushed over, grabbed my masterpiece and dumped it into the sink.

Now, can you see why I prefer a big Mac.
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Me too! I have no idea what most of the things are that you mentioned here, but I am sure that they are delicious!
mirecka -- it's all in the presentation and name -- that's why when you go to a fancy restaurant and order boeuf bourguignon you pay a bundle for a plate of beef stew.
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zomg! [email protected] the Cherries Jubilee....was that after the Sherry Soup? Your dinner parties definitely sound like fun!!!
: zombie:[/QUOTE]

Hee Hee -- My dinner parties are now held at one of the restaurants.

Yep, love to keep my guests happy.
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Does anyone have a good recipe for a veggie stir fry ...
Mari - you definitely still have it in you (if you ever want it back)

you just needed a break, girl! Like you said, you just burned yourself out! Infact, I get burned out just thinking of cooking - it's not that i can't - it's just so much work - why do you think i've been eating PB and J for the past two weeks while I'm on my saving spree????!!!!!!

Thank you. Burned myself out -- hee hee -- I didn't mention that after the cherries jubiliee were tossed in the ******* sink by the over-zealous guest .... the ******* curtains caught fire ....

(real women were present and no real damage happened)

Saving -- good idea!
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Yes, she is a very fine cook. I would like to purchase her recipe book.

Her, Giada de Laurentiis, and the Neelys are my absolute favorite cooks.

Btw, how is French food? It seems like some people here have had French food. Tell me more about it.
French food -- well it's the way it's cooked. The French love good food, conversation and wine. French cooking -- it's a mingling of ingredients, spices, wine and maybe cream. You've probably have eaten French cooking without knowing it -- puffed pastry, cream puffs, French bread. very thin pancakes are called crepes -- but the French prepare them saute in butter and orange sauce, or filled with strawberries and cream. Omelletes have a French background.
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