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What did Meagan Good use in 2019?

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I completely forgot I used this site 13 (!) years ago hahaha. I'm on a new journey this year. I used the search function and I see that nobody started a conversation about Meagan Good's bleaching in 2019. She got a LOT lighter and gave some PR spin excuse that she used a bad product from an unlicensed esthetician to try to lighten a scar. Can you imagine "accidentally" lightening up that much?

Forehead Nose Cheek Smile Skin

Wondering if anyone has any ideas on what she used? My natural color is in between these 2 shades, and she got lighter than me! I'm just trying to get from a Beyonce to a Meghan Markle shade. Currently I'm doing Cindella IV drip twice a week (I bought 20 sessions, used 4 so far) as well as kojic and papaya soap, sunscreens, The Ordinary lactic acid couple times a week for exfoliation, The Ordinary alpha arbutin serum, niacinamide, azelaic acid... and retin A sparingly.
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I agree, this is exactly why I stopped using HQ. It always gives the "bleached out" look eventually and the results only look kinda decent with makeup.
I don’t think her results look bad, to me it looks even at least. I think she got a lot of crap because it was so drastic of a change and obvious that she bleached.

If she lightened to that shade before the fame I don’t think people would’ve said anything.
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Hey, how has cindella been? i don’t want to waste my time since i was sceptical of it just being 1200mg. You had your 4th session 2 weeks ago so how is it?
I did my 9th iv yesterday and I don’t see a difference yet which is disappointing. But I’m light skinned to begin with and everywhere says I should give it 1-3 months. They also say to do it once a week and I agree with you that is a low amount, so I have been doing twice a week. I thought that now at the 1 month mark I would see something since the skin cycle is about a month. I will keep using them until I run out but if I don’t see at least a little change after 20, I’m gonna call it a waste.

I’ve also been avoiding alcohol, always avoid the sun and wear sunscreen.
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So you’ve been doing it for a month then if you do it twice a week. Weird because you would see a difference already with a lotion and since iv is supposed to be 100% absorbed you should have seen a difference yet.

From where did you buy cindella?
Exactly I wanted to skip the guesswork of doing pills and not knowing how much would be absorbed. I got it from acecosm straight from Korea. I get a lot of things there and never had an issue. The product itself looks legit.
She (londonderry) showed her before and after and said she takes 30.000mg and she got very nice results. She said the company is ‘Aqua skin pure gold 30th whitening’ but said to dm her where she bought it from.
I checked the company and they are based in India even though they say Switzerland, i don’t know why they make up these unnecessary lies. Made me suspicious now…
30,000 at one session? How often? Once per week?
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