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What did Meagan Good use in 2019?

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I completely forgot I used this site 13 (!) years ago hahaha. I'm on a new journey this year. I used the search function and I see that nobody started a conversation about Meagan Good's bleaching in 2019. She got a LOT lighter and gave some PR spin excuse that she used a bad product from an unlicensed esthetician to try to lighten a scar. Can you imagine "accidentally" lightening up that much?

Forehead Nose Cheek Smile Skin

Wondering if anyone has any ideas on what she used? My natural color is in between these 2 shades, and she got lighter than me! I'm just trying to get from a Beyonce to a Meghan Markle shade. Currently I'm doing Cindella IV drip twice a week (I bought 20 sessions, used 4 so far) as well as kojic and papaya soap, sunscreens, The Ordinary lactic acid couple times a week for exfoliation, The Ordinary alpha arbutin serum, niacinamide, azelaic acid... and retin A sparingly.
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I agree, this is exactly why I stopped using HQ. It always gives the "bleached out" look eventually and the results only look kinda decent with makeup.
What do you use now?
She probably used glutathione IV. It's no way you can get that light by rubbing creams unless you use steroids. I'm sure a celeb with all that money won't risk ruining her face with roids. She probably got the glutathione hook up. Make no mistake, it wasn't "accident" she just didn't want to offend the black community.
Yeah I definitely don’t think it was an “accident” either. Like, the fact that there was an aesthetician trying to cover for her is what baffles me 😂
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