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What can I do about the acne scars that leave a hole in the skin

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Mama lotion is supposed to peel your skin and leave it smoother. I have read that it can soften the little holes left by acne. Some people dont get the holes, but other people it can be a nightmare. I think it will also help with the red spots left over.

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Problem is… there are multiple acne solution treatments on The market this dangerous right now.

for saving your money and want to get a clear skin i recommend this product, because it is just using nature.
i have found it with google last month.
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There was a segment on our evening news the other night saying that Botox is now being used to treat acne scars. They interviewed a women with bad scarring on her chin area and then showed her again after treatment. The scars were invisible. I would imagine though that the treatment would be temporary.

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It is first important to understand how acne scarring happens,
and what to do to try and prevent them from occurring in the
first place. Then it is equally important to know what you
can do to lighten and even in some cases (as I did) remove

How Do Acne Scars Happen?

When a pore becomes blocked and acne bacteria begins to
multiply in the pore, your body tries to dislodge the
blockage by attacking it like an infection, which because
of the bacteria it technically is.

The oil gland continues to produce oil, the acne bacteria
continues to multiply, and swelling and pain follow. This
is how the acne pimple or "pustule" forms in the first place.

If the blockage becomes to large, OR, you pick and press on
the pimple, collegian fibers in your skin that surround can
be displaced and or damaged.

When the pore finally does heal there can be a red mark left
behind (due to damaged capillaries around the pore much like
a bruise) or a deeper indentation know as a "pock mark".

We all have seen individuals with these marks that are the
hallmark of chronic acne. I would like to point out here
though, that just one pimple can create a scar if not treated

Prevent Acne Scarring

Obviously the key here is NOT to pick at acne blemishes or
squeeze them no matter how tempting it is! Rather, steam
the area using a hot wash cloth until the pore opens and
releases the contents.

This can take multiple sessions of up to half an hour apiece.
Well worth the investment of time to prevent a scar from

The other thing to do if you have chronic acne is to address
the condition itself. Calming acne break outs keeps the
chance of scarring minimized.

Using tea tree oil to attack acne spots, going on a cleanse,
addressing candida yeast overgrowth can all help stop acne.

There are a number of methods to remove and lighten acne
Chemical peels
Non-Chemical Peels
Laser and Fillers
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