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What is best way to apply minerals make up?

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I am having trouble in wearing my minerals make up. It makes my skin oily after a few hours. Currently I am using Bare Minerals as I heard some good reviews about this product esp. for oily skin. Honestly, I love Bare Minerals as it helps my skin to look nice even with my few acne scars
. Maybe I am applying my make up wrongly. Please I would appreciate some help.

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I have heard that those little disposable wedge sponges used in upward strokes are better than blending using your fingertips. I tried to use those when I used foundation years ago but it seemed to waste the product not to mention sponges. Foundation also makes my skin more oily.

Now I just dot glo-minerals concealer onto the imperfections and lightly blend with clean fingertips. Then I brush on my mineral powder bronzer to even out my skin tone and help the oilies. Sometimes I have to blot my face during the day to absorb access oil before I reapply powder so that it does not cake onto the oily spots. I find that this routine does not feel so heavy on my skin.
O you like Bare Minerals???? I haven't tried it but I thought I had read a post by you that you did not like it. Maybe I should try it after all.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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