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What is your favorite foundation?

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My favorite products are from MAC. I especially like the Studiofix foundation.
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I am currently using Dior Skin Nude- natural glow hydrating makeup. I have never tried Dior makeup, and I must say I like it alot. Before this I was using Laura Mercier. In the Mercier line I have tried the silk creme- little too much coverage. The oil free foundation worked for a couple years for me, but now I feel I need a little bit more hydration. So, I jumped out on a limb and tried Dior. I love it. Great coverage, not too matte, not too dewy. After applying my foundation I apply Make up Forever HD powder. Love it!!
Another good foundation is Lancome Teint Idole Ultra. It has a nice finish and you don't need a powder.
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Gymrat, tell me more about Dior Skin Nude Hydrating Makeup! I don't like a lot of "shine", illumination or sparkle in my foundation, and if one of the ingred is mica, I get that TinMan look. But I hate the dry powdery matte look too. I'm still looking for that perfect product! Could this be it???
Well.... I threw away the box that it came in. But on the back of the bottle, and a very pretty bottle it is, it says active ingredients: titanium dioxide and octinoxate. The color that I have is 031. I know exactly what you mean with the Tin Man look. I don't get that look at all with this makeup. It is hydrating, but not as hydrating as Laura Mercier hydrating foundation. That stuff slipped right off my face. The Nude doesn't do that at all. I don't know if you have a Sephora where you live, but they will give you a good size sample of it if you ask. If you don't like the dry powdery matte look, then definately don't try Lancome's Teint Idole Ultra. I also think this foundation is buildable. Depending on what kind of coverage you want. Some days I am good with one pump, others I will do one pump, wait awhile, then do another. Like I said earlier, after that, I throw on a little HD powder, and I am good to go. Have you ever tried the HD powder, by Makeup Forever? It is like silk! And speaking of silk. In one of your other posts, you mentioned Silken Pearl for a primer, I went to that site and it looks as though she closed her buisness.
Any other suggestions on a similar product? I did find the Cle de Peau translucent corrector. I might just give that a go. But if you know of a similar product to the Silken Pearl, I am all ears.
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Apart from Mac Studio fix which I have already said is very good I have recently tried Chanel Teint Inoocence cream to powder fondation which give good coverage only drawback is that the range of colours available is not as extensive as Mac but still wirth trying I would say.
Thanks Chalfont-

I am a fan of Chanel, but have never looked at their makeup before. I will do that. I have used Mac Studio fix. It doesn't work with my skin. I had a horrible break out. I am not sure why, but I did. I love Mac's lipsticks and gel eyeliner though-
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Chanel has some nice formulas but the colors are always way too pink (cool) for me.
Well updates for the Dior foundation. I know this sounds crazy, but......I think it is making me sweat!! do you think this is possible? I only sweat on my nose. You know those lovely sweat beads that people get right on their noses. That what happens. I am doing some trial and error stuff, to see if maybe it is cause by something else I am using before I apply my foundation. I will keep you posted.
Thanks for that link! I just read this from there:

"There are few illnesses and infections that can be transmitted between the two different species, so a human is much more likely to get ill or otherwise have adverse effects from contact with another human. So dog lovers can take comfort in knowing that a lick or kiss from their dog is not likely to cause any problems."
Is a Dog's Mouth Cleaner than a Human's? Find Out if a Dog?s Mouth is Cleaner or More Sterile

The next time someone acts so grossed out when I kiss my cat, I will quote it!

PS - how did we get from Foundation------------> to Dog Spit????!!!!!!! LOL
Thats how we roll on this site
- keeps it interesting
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1) My quest in life as we know it is to find the PERFECT foundation! Of course it has to look like I am not wearing any foundation at all!! Sort of the Emperor's New Clothes of makeup.... Always prowling for that HG one!

2) No, you are absolutely right: Foundation is horrible in the humidity of summer! That's TM season, or mineral makeup over sunblock at the most.
A nice bronzing powder is a wonderful idea! Which ones look the best would you say? I like Guerlain Summer Stones right now: comes in a huge jar for $60 and lasts forever. I don't think I'll ever use this up. The "pearls" are different colors, like Meteorites. But again, always looking.....

BTW, I see we have some new smilies, but no dogs! Haha! Cats Rule!
Is this bronzer shiny? Like tin man shiny? My problem with bronzer is I always seem to turn orange.

And yes I only sweat on my nose, weird, I told you!!!
Soounds like a great bronzer! It seems like no matter what one I get and I my stock pile is growing, they all look the same! That pukey orange tint!! Who wants to look orange, really? Glowy yes, disco queen....sometimes. j/k loved the 70's and 80's though.

Explain EBOLA???? as in ebola virus......? u have me stumped

EBOLA!!! heheh[/QUOTE]
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Dior Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup
and Natural Glow Powder (to set it)

[quote from]
What it is:
A natural hydrating liquid foundation.

What it does:
Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup SPF 10 blends 100% natural mineral pigments with Dior's exclusive, active mineralized water to deliver flawless, glowing skin that actually improves over time. By using advances in mineral makeup technology, this product will take your complexion to a whole new level.
Size: 1 oz -$45USD

Fawnie- how are you liking the new foundation? Is it what you thought it was going to be? Does it work the way I explained it? Just wondering if you like it as much as I do?

I don't have the powder, is it worth getting? I don't wear much powder. I have Makeup Forever setting powder, but don't use it really. What does this Dior powder do for the makeup? More coverage or just a setting?
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Hooray!! Glad you like it- I do too!!
I will try it with my stipple brush tomorrow. It could be interesting-

As far as the powder goes, I too was only applying just a little bit, and thought......ok this is a wasteful step. So I quit. Sometimes I think when I apply powder it settles into my ..........lovely lines.
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Lol, have you seen the weather here? I'm not suprised it's only the UK ladies with the porcelain complexion. We're in May and we've just started to get a little bit of sun. It's been cold, raining and it was thundering and lightening a little bit the other day.

I'd love to take a holiday back to America. I went all over America and Canada when I was younger, I was spoilt in that way I suppose [only child] but now I don't have that kind of money. My dog and my boyfriend seem to be leaving me broke lately. I would just love to, now I'm old enough, go to a proper American 'mall' as you call them over there with an unlimited amount of money.
Oh Dukes, the mall's here are really over rated!! Save your money and just hang out here with us! Or save your money and hang out with your boyfriend and dog!!

Also, you should appreciate your porcelain complexion. I wish I could say that for myself!!
too much sun is not a good thing. It only took me 40 years to figure this out. It is a holiday weekend here in the US and both my boys headed out to the lake. The first thing I grabbed for them to pack was the sunscreen!!

And yes, we had thunder and lightening a few nights ago as well. I LOVE that kind of weather. I would take that over 100 plus degree anyday!!
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I do that anyway. We do have big shopping centres over here and I get my silly head screwed on and think 'Oooh that would be a good idea' when it quite clearly isn't. Saying that, I do it with eBay and Amazon aswell.

Lol, I can't save my money because they always find something that I need to get them. I'm the one leaving David skint though this month, it's my birthday :] Oh I do appreciate it, I burn too easy not to really. Not so much on the rest of my body, but on my face I do really bad. I have SPF 15 sunscreen, SPF 20 [i think] in my concealer, SPF 20 in my foundation and I think I have SPF in my moisturiser so I think I'm sorted :]

I hate thunder and lighteneing it scares the **** out of me. Once I had to walk home for 3 miles in it I was terrified. It doesn't help that my boyfriend's house was struck by it once though. And they had a man round fixing the boiler or something and he shot flying across the room. :/

100 degrees? God almighty I'd die! I think it's 17 celsius here today that like what? Allmost 70? And it seems red hot. It's not even sunny its just really warm and stuffy. Gah. I wanna live somewhere sunny!
Awwwhhh Dukes that's horrible you are afraid of thunder and lightening. It probably has a lot to do with your bad experience with it. I kinda enjoy it-
the dogs don't that is for sure!!! My lab goes crazy!! My little dog just barks, the lab gets literally afraid of it though-

So tell me, do you not see the sun much where you live? I never thought of England to be like that? And yes, I live where it is HOT and DRY- Spring and Fall are the best times in CA, in my opinion. Winter is ok too, I am just not a Summer fan-
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Sephora doesn't do international shipping to England. Now I have to send himself to France to get some of the lovely products that they have!!!! Not fair!

Gmyrat the weather in England is rubbish....just disgraceful. I can remember when I went back to my mother land it was BOILING, and I can remember thinking I want to go back home!!! The heat did reduce me to tears, yes I know, I'm pathetic but it really was hot and none of the fans were working. But now I'm thinking I want to see some sun shine.
Awwwhh Maha where is your mother land? and how did you end up in England if you dont mind me asking.

I had a totally different picture of England in my head I guess. It sounds like the weather is similar to Seattle WA. I don't mind not see the sun for a little while (a few weeks), but if I never saw it.......I would be depressed!!!

The good thing to not seeing much will not have wrinkles and your skin is probably beautiful!!
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Sephora again gets an A+++ for their return policy. I had bought a foundation a couple of months ago - MUFE HD - which has rave reviews, but I was not wearing it. Why have all that money tied up in something that you do not use, I reckoned. So I brought it back with the brush that I also bought (and cost almost as much) and got a credit that has no expiration date.

While I was there I asked for a sample of the Diorskin Hydrating Foundation. The SA who tried to match me gave me samples of both the 022 and 023, saying both would be fine and depended on my preference. I was surprised that she did not give me the 021 - because that was the color that I first headed for myself. For the little that I use foundation, these samples should take care of me for quite a while.
Oh hands down Sephora is awesome for returns. But, did you have the boxes or anything? Or did you just walk in and return it? I keep all my boxes plus receipts. It is always that one time that I don't and I need to return something. So I am just curious, if they take back without original boxes and such?

So I have to tell you. I have been using my stipple brush with the foundation. But.........I am back to using my Lancome. I mix two colors, and I use less than what I did with the Dior. Teint Idole Ultra - Foundation by Lancome

I do this from time to time though. It is just what I have to do I guess to stay with this whole makeup thing-
Keeps me intrigued-
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I did not have the box for the foundation or the receipt for the purchase. It is for this reason that I was given a store credit. This has happened now at two different locations, so it must be a policy (at least in Canada). The friend that I was with had both the box and receipt for an eyeliner that she wanted to return (I got her turned onto the MAC Fluidline with me) and she received a credit on her charge card.

So it is clearly better to have the receipt and box. I received a nice credit but don't need anything and don't expect to for quite awhile, and so I have to hold onto the gift card that they issued to me - a hassle.
A hassle yes, but SOOOOO worth it!! Better than holding onto something you didn't like-

I believe this is a Sephora policy everywhere! They are great. I just didn't know if they hassled you with out a box, etc. Good to know
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Hi Mireckca

Please let me know how the Diorskin Nude works out for you! I find I have to shake the bottle before use, so you may need to stir the samples with a toothpick if they look like they are separating.

You know mine looks like it is separating too fawnie!! Even after I shake it really good. I thought it was just a fluke bottle, but since yours is doing the same, I wonder why that is. Hmmmmm maybe I will take it in and ask. When I first got it, it wasn't like that-
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Did you read the bottle where it says to "Shake before use"? It must be the silicones that separate.
Yes, I read the bottle. Like I said, I shake the crap out of it, and it still seperates. I still use it, it doesn't bother me, just found it strange that it didn't do if for the first couple of weeks that I had it.

I thought maybe my bathroom was too warm-which has been a problem for some products. It is the only room in the house without any shade. The sun beats down on it in the hottest part of the day. Love the summer heat-
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I like Chanel Vitalumiere IF I use foundation. I usually do not use any just moisturiser because I find most foundations look like foundations on me because I have very good facial skin (wish I could say that about body skin!) so they sit on top of it like a mask. If I do use a foundation I mix it out in a moisturiser so as to dilute it a bit and almost always use Chanel Vitalumiere.
I have never tried any Chanel foundations. Maybe I will next time. Do you ever find that some moisturizers work better than others, when you mix it with a foundation?

I know I have tried a few that just don't work. It is almost as if it makes the foundation peel and become flaky. Very weird. It must be something in some moisturizers that doesn't make it compatible with what is in the foundation.
Applying incompatible silicones on top of each other can make everything "pill". Is this what you mean?

[quote from]

"... Silicone layered on silicone will cause ‘pillingâ€2122. Make sure that you're not layering a moisturizer with silicone with a primer with silicone then a foundation with silicone. Plus, apply with a foundation brush - fingers and sponges make uneven textures and therefore uneven applications."
I am not sure if my moisturizer has silicone or not, I will have to check. When I mix my moisturzer with a foundation I get the pilling. I don't really use any primers, haven't found one I like.

I am LOVING my stipple brush with my foundation though-wish I new I too apply my foundation this way sooner. It's perfect. The only spots I have trouble blending is under my eyes, around my nose, and by my brows. I just use another small brush for those areas. Then on my hair line, I just blend in with my fingers.
Wow so you went from 22 to 32! That is dark, I have 30 and it is a tad too dark for me. I have olive skin color naturally.
Can we get a *little* color and not have to worry about ageing?
IDK, but when you find the answer will you give a shout out to me with the answer?!

Also, foundation update, my Dior color is 031, NOT 030. So if you are saying mireckca you are 032, WOW weeeeee girlfriend, you do have some color. I thought it was raining in Canada? Have you been going to the beach and not telling us???????
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