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What Shampoo & Conditioner do u use?

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I use Aubrey Organics it has no Laureth sulfate or sodium lauryl which drys out your hair. I think its the best
...But I would like to hear what others use
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I'm currently using Pantene Pro-V for Women of Color. It's proven to be non-drying and gives me good results..
I know some people use mane shampoo and conditioner (the one they use for horses) and i can say this thing works!

my take is, a very good hair and scalp conditioner is virgin coconut oil.. just massage for 5 minutes and let stand for 20 minutes before shampooing.. you should see how soft your hair becomes.
Is it that mane and tail shampoo and conditioner. I was just thinking of trying it out thanks
I color my hair (red/brown) so I like to use shampoo/conditioner for color treated hair, especially to help prevent color from fading between touchups. I like Loreal. I use the shampoo for red hair every few days & it really helps stop the fading. Highly recommended this for anyone who colors their hair.
I use all natural nature's gate shampoo and conditioner. They have a few kinds at Whole Foods Store including for color treated hair. I absolutely love it.
SUDZZ FX. The Honey and Creme Shampoo and I forgot the name of the conditioner, but it smells SOOO GOOD
I use My honey child, honey berry shampoo, and the conditioner, and or the Olive you shampoo, and the (special order) Olive you Liquified conditioner, which isnt listed on Krika's ordering web site, but she is fantastic, she does special orders, Love her products!!!
Oh! I just found one called Coconut Milk- it smells wonderful and makes your hair look great! Unfortunately it is kind of small in size and a bit pricey (I may just buy it for special occasions). Towards the end of the conditioner its hard to get out of the bottle- annoying, but I try to be positive by pretending like I am getting a good workout with all the shaking and muscles it takes to get it out.
You should check out Bath Lab's shampoo & conditioner. It's unique (very thick conditioner) and custom scented/colored.
im a product junkie and just found this (thru another friend in the hair forums) about this chagrin valley soaps, they have bar shampoos and bar bath soaps, well, out of my curiousity, hearing from others about that babassu marshmallow shampoo bar, and the honey butter soap (for hair conditioner, & the Olive and shea bar soap which is great as a hair conditioner also from what I heard from other's who uses it, and the Olive babassuu shampoo bar, OH WOW, I tried both the bar shampoos, and the honey butter sample soap (as a hair conditioner) and oh LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM ALL!!!! My hair wasnt bed head, and last LONGER Than those other shampoos in the market, plus these are all NATURAL AND SLS FREE no fake ingredients!!! I just reordered my stock and waiting to try the other bar soaps for my body as well, Love chagrin valley and Ida is SOOOO HELPFUL!!! (She is the owner and maker of the soaps)!!!
Bath Lab's!! I know I'm bias but....if you tried it, you'd love it too! The website is closed down right now, but will be up and running again soon! Remodeling in process!
If a company like that shuts down (bath labs) and No show of there web sites, regardless of them revamping there web site, and it takes this long, I wouldnt even bother to hunt them down, I rather buy (which i already did), chagrin valley, they are More organized, and set in a beautiful web site!!! I like a solid company that dont go changing there web sites all the time, I like a company that is organized, and chagrin valley is the one!!
Found a new one called Sleek by Matrix. Cuts out the frizz in a hurry. Use all three steps. Best part, It smells good
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I use Dumb Blonde Shampoo by Bed Head. I also use a light conditioner from Biolage. Before I use my Maxxiglide I put Moroccan Miracle Oil on my hair. It's alcohol free and makes my hair real smooth as you can see <----
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I use Samy's but, I change it up every now and then to give new products a chance.
hey margie, how is this dr.Hauschka?? I seen it at whole foods store, but wow, expensive, which ones you use?
Im on the Aubrey kick now, I love that honeysuckle rose, but changed to GPB shampoo and conditioner, its just as fantastic I just also tried this Leave in, but such a small bottle, 4oz, this caguela leave in of aubrey, it is creamy, but None oily, and My scalp and hair Despises oiliness in products, this one is perfect!!!
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