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what to do for dry skin??

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besides products for dry skin and things like that... i have question for 'everyday situations'

ok so.. after i take shower, how should i dry off my face (where i get dryness the most) with a towel right away or wait for a while... or whatever. basically, im curious how i should dry off my face after shower so that it helps with dry skin

and also, when i take shower, is it a good idea to turn on the fan or turn it off?
because i heard if you turn on the fan, it takes out the moistuer in the bathroom, vice versa

when you answer my questions, i would appreciate it if you also wrote your source of info (like you read on article, personal experience, etc)
thank you!
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Keep showers warm and not hot. Regular exfoliate the skin. Use good quality moisturizers regularly. More details on a dry skin care routine can be found at the source below.

Dry Skin Care - Dry Itchy Skin Care
I have dry skin( Both face & body). I dry my face soon after i take shower and immediately apply moisture to face & body when the skin is still wet. You can use homemade avocado & yogurt mask for the face at least once a week. That works like majic. Drink lots & lots of water.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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