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What do you mean which 'form'?

Do you mean focal, segmental, generalized, Acrofacial or universal?

Maybe this would help?

Focal vitiligo: is an isolated macule or a few macules in a localized non-dermatomal distribution.

Segmental vitiligo: is characterized by macules in a unilateral dermatomal distribution. This type of disease usually pursues a stable course.

Generalized vitiligo: is the most common type showing macules in a generalized widespread distribution. There is often striking symmetry of affection and involvement of extensor surfaces. Face (particularly around the orifices), neck, bony prominences of hands, legs; axillae and mucosal surfaces are particularly affected.

Acrofacial vitiligo: affects distal end of fingers and facial orifices in circumferential pattern.

Universal Vitiligo: implies loss of pigment over the entire body surface area with only isolated islands of normal pigmentation remaining
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