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With $2,000 to spend on clothes .....

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If you were given $2,000 to spend on clothes/accessories/jewelry -- what would you buy. (Someone suggest a good make of jeans).
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Wow, i am jealous

I would get my *** over to Next and buy everything.

Diesel do good jeans.

Or Levi are good, but i think they're awful.
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Boy, if I had a good pair of jeans..I wouldn't need much else!

I guess you have to try on a lot of different brands & styles to find the pair made for you! With a great turtleneck, a nice velvet jacket, a couple nice cami's, a decent pair of boots and a smashing pair of heels I could live forever out of a suitcase. Bikini and underwear optional.

You might just make it under $2,000 == but knowing you you probably know all the best places to shop. Second hand clothing store are starting to pop up -- a recent article showed some designer clothes with the original price tags still on -- selling at less than half price.

I'd like a custom pair of black jeans.
Hey! That's a great idea!! Leave it to you! Consignment Shops and Thrift Stores are fine places to find things! And the jeans are already broken in!!

sandals and purses.....................I can't have enough sandals..............
Just let me loose at Holt Renfrew -- I think they sell $1000 face creams ........
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