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Im 20m here and im Just wondering what you ppl think about these two brands, i know everyone has heard of proactiv, theres this upcoming brand zirh out there too that offers alot of mens products for acne and anti aging and there getting great reviews.

I just recently bought three zirh products scrub restore and fix the scrub i love but other two havent noticed much yet.

Ive used proactiv on n off for past couple years so i know how it works for me which is good not great but good, not sure about zirh just yet, but im getting interested in trying more there products.

Should i make the switch and get all my products i need from zirh? Or stay with proactiv since they work alright for me? Share your experiance with these brands too. THANKS!!!

BTW!! Anyone used vitaclear???? I been taking these vitaclear vitamin suplements, there suppost to make your face clear.
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