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ZMA to help your acne

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So I'm starting to see a trend here about the importance of zinc in the body in order to control the hormonal levels. There was a thread earlier that said that Zinc is contained in ejaculate, which would mean that more sex would more a higher occurance of acne. I can't for sure say yes or no, but what I can say is that zinc is important.

I've used a supplement for bodybuilding called ZMA ZMA (supplement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) so I'm thinking I'm going to give this a shot again and see if I notice anything since the product is essentially a zinc complex. I also have some multivitamins that I have laying around, we'll see how this goes.
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It might help. But make sure to keep it in moderation. Too much of any vitamin/mineral can be dangerous.
I used to take a lot of zinc supplements when I was a strict vegan and vegetarian, especially in the form of lozenges. Now I eat zinc-rich foods instead, such as fish, egg yolks, kelp, lima beans, oysters, pecans, seafood, and whole grains. Meat and poultry has a lot of zinc too.
Zinc helps to fight and prevent colds and free radicals which caused pre-mature aging. It is very hard to overdose with zinc unless you are really trying. However, make sure you balance with other vitamins. Zinc does not work to its fullest expression without B vitamins and vit. A,C, and E.
Over consumption of fiber causes zinc to pass through the intestinal tract and not be absorbed by the blood. Also, a significant amount of zinc is lost through perspiration. Do not take more than 100 milligrams a day.
DL did you notice any increase in skin quality when taking the zinc?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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